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MLM: Business Presentations, Bulk Emails, Calendars, List of Contacts, Email Templates, Getting Started Guides, Team Training Content and more...


What is sx3sites?

For Network Marketing Leaders

For Marketing Executives

SX3sites is the virtual office system and replicated website platform created exclusively for the Network Marketing Industry. It is used by top producers and organizations of some the most prestigious and well established Network Marketing corporations around the globe, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, The United Kingdom, Spain and other countries.
Our virtual office is not just a contact manager, but a platform to support the team education, coaching, leadership and duplication, while maintaining Marketing Executives engaged.

Replicating success and maintaining members engaged are the most important and the most difficult tasks that network marketing leaders face today. SX3sites offers the right tools through its virtual office to accomplish these critical tasks. Custom online business presentations, individual on line presentation (webinar) rooms, internal communications, customizable Getting Started Guide, team content database, email templates, bulk email system, team calendars and more. SX3 Sites offers a solid foundation to maintain any organization engaged and on the right track.

Learn from the experts! Take advantage of the expert's knowledge. Utilize the materials they provide like their Getting Started Guides, their professionally designed email templates, pre-recorded business presentations and more. Look like a pro from day one in the business.
Need to generate leads? Our FlexSite technology provides replicated websites that are unique, making them visible to search engines, allowing search engine optimization.

It is not how many new enrollees you have

but how many you can keep engaged

Features at a glance

Online contact list

Access to Team Content


New contact notifications

Create Co-Op Websites


Provided with Auto Responders and configured with Groups of Contacts!

Google Analytics


Import your current Contacts List

Skype Click to Call


Transfer contacts to other members

Send group (bulk) emails to the members of my contact list


Create your own Groups of Contacts

Create your own Presentations + Trainings


Create template emails

Create your own Auto-Responders


Follow Up Tracking System

Create your own "My Story" page


Send individual emails

Upload your own photo!


Use pre-configured template emails

Create your own SEO page


Use pre-configured auto-responders

Link your SEO page to FaceBook


Live One-on-one Delivering Wellness Presentations

Calendars of events


Getting Started Guide




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