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Exclusive "Switch Stores" Tour (also available with your trial account)

Your account is provided with an exclusive tour that you can send via email and text message (also available for trial accounts via email only); this tour guides your prospects through the benefits of switching stores to an American company based in Idaho Falls that provides excellent products without safety caps or harmful chemicals, that is debt free and that supports American jobs.

The tour includes a page from which your prospects can select the type of consumable products they currently buy from big-box stores every month, making the case that they could earn $100 in free products and a 30-50% discount in addition to switching to safer and better products.

Finally, the tour invites your prospects to switch stores, and asks them to select one of three options:

  • Interested: I have questions
  • Interested: I want to be a customer (Preferred Member)
  • Interested: I want to buy products and refer friends and family! (Marketing Executive)

Your prospects select one of three categories, and the system will automatically assign them to the new category in your contact manager, triggering the corresponding auto-responder emails and texts (text only available for paid accounts).

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Your $19.95 monthly subscription includes your online contact manager,
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Included with your account!

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When creating your account, you will need to choose a user ID. If you select "John" as your user ID,
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